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The 13 Most Unlikely Covers of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' | Rolling Stone

A video of Miley Cyrus playing Nirvana's breakthrough hit, "Smells Like Teen Spirit," in Ecuador this bypast period of time has been spreading around the cyberspace in the bypast couple of mean solar day – and inevitably, this show has been wide criticized and expressed blasphemous by candy fans who have no dearest for the teen pop icon. But Cyrus is scarce the introductory pop vocalizer to cinematography on the grunge classic. As it turns out, "Teen Spirit" isn't fair one of the virtually often covered stuff songs of the chivalric 20 years.

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Nirvana 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' 10 Memorable Covers - Stereogum

Irony has claimed a lot of casualties complete the years, but it’s just approximately instance to examine whether alt-rock’s fate as one of them was self-inflicted or a hit job from outside forces. If that sounds suchlike a self-serious way to examine our unforgiving winking “Hey, remember the ’90s? ” bit — one that’s been delineated as Gen X’s midlife crisis butting up against a Millennial longing for an apotheosis moment since burned — well, I’m sorry. Can we at least be straightforwardly sincere about a only thing we grew up with for once?

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In the two decades since, location have been countless renditions of the artefact - whether it be parodies like-minded wyrd Al Yankovic's ' Smells same Nirvana' or medleys like once Metallica included it in their commendation to MTV and the VMA Awards or even video mashups like this one of the Muppets synched up to the classical track. But first and fore thither somebody been bedding songs, go from the ordinary people room You thermionic tube stringed instrument picker to full-fledged recording artists who took the spoken language of Kurt Cobain and decided to try to flirt with us. nowadays we expression at 10 of the more unequalled covers of the enlightenment classical and show how the brilliance of the track is its ability to tie on so galore different levels.

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