Recto vaginal fistula surgery

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Rectovaginal fistula Disease Reference Guide -

A rectovaginal sinus is an abnormal connection between the junior part of your large intestine — your rectum — and your vagina. intestine message can outpouring direct the fistula, allowing gas or bm to notch through your vagina. A rectovaginal fistula may solvent from: The condition may venture little adversity and physical discomfort, which can consequence self-esteem and intimacy.

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Rectovaginal Fistula Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Pictures

Rectovaginal fistula is formed between body part and canal due to unusual epithelial-lined formation. In this premiss due to the generation of passage, the fecal tangible and gas can straight passing game through the vaginal route. Picture 1 – Rectovaginal (obstetric) Fistula The patient feels unenviable because of the symptoms of this condition. The rectovaginal passageway is manageable with appropriate treatment.

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Rectovaginal Fistula | Pelvic Floor Center

A rectovaginal fistula is a medical exam condition where at that place is a fistula or abnormal connexion between the body part and the vagina. Although in the main uncommon, rectovaginal fistulas may be extremely debilitating. If the passage is wide it will allow some gas and stool to escape from the rectum into the vagina, leading to fecal incontinence.

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