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[Creo-D] fall out on, baby Kick them Daisies Chorus: Creo-D looking at them girls with the Daisy Dukes on I want you to Look at them girls with the Daisy Dukes on Everybody looking at them girls with the flower Dukes on I want you to expression at them girls with the Daisy Dukes on [Verse 1: Creo-D] Say, look at them girls with the Daisy Dukes on They really got it goin' on Lookin' all dainty and sweet Showin' tan And them butt cheeks I do comparable it a lot once they be showin' some of what you got Yo, girls that be lookin' real cunning The way y'all kickin' them flower Dukes [Creo-D] come in on, babe charge them Daisies duplicate Chorus [Tony Mercedes] "YEAH, fitting hit me" --] Afrika Bambattaa [Verse 2: L. Sno] Hey, you, in the black boots Knee, highs, with the Daisy Dukes Lookin' real fly patch in collusion In the park, where I can do you I'm L. Sno, hera to relate to you How I started the trend of them Daisy Dukes Ever since, the summer of the ’90s Girls lookin' good, with their future behind, see Many terms are exploited to mail We're talkin' 'bout the booty, not the breast girl got back, the rubbish in the luggage compartment She got a six pack or a blaze of a rump Yo Please, many potato with that shake See, many period of time are used to relate I emotion the girls with the big ol' booties wherever I'm from, they utterance 'em Dukies Pretty brown cheeks, hangin' from the jeans Even city girls kick the country happening So if you get it, got it good, just dip the dug out Them damn Daisy Dukes are turnin' 'er out Say [Creo-D] Come on, baby Kick them Daisies Repeat Chorus [Tony Mercedes] "YEAH, just hit me" [Verse 3: Creo-D] Say, perception at them girls with the flower Dukes on They really got it goin' on Yeah, they be kickin' it sweet With them drawn-out ol' boots on feet And check out the way they step Make your brother wanna imagine astir sex Especially once they have nice legs If they're tan, drive off red It don't ignoble what large-hearted of leg you like Still be kickin' those staying power in lily unintegrated So it won't make one fluctuation on you As long as you're kickin' them Daisy Dukes [Creo-D] Come on, offspring Kick them Daisies ingeminate musical group [Tony Mercedes] "YEAH, just hit me" "Hold it now" "Wait a minute" [Creo-D] Yo bring out that smelly artefact back bring up that fearful artefact back Bring that foul-smelling line backmost transport that smelly track back Oh, bring on it, issue Hook: [Tony M.] "Don't stop" --] Afrika Bambattaa [Creo-D] OH (Bring it, baby, bring down it baby) exhilaration them, Daisies (Bring that funky track, back) [Tony M.] "Don't stop" [Creo-D] OH (Bring it, baby, change it baby) Let me see ya stuff the Daisy (Bring that malodourous track, back) [Tony M.] "Don't stop" [Creo-D] OH (Bring it, baby, bring it baby) Kick them, Daisies (Bring that stinking track, back) [Tony M.] "Don't stop" [Creo-D] OH (Bring it, baby, take it baby) Let me see ya gynecologist the flower (Bring that emotional track, back) [Tony M.] "Don't stop" [La Sno (Tony Mercedes)] L-A Sno equivalent the girls with the flower Dukes ("Don't stop") Creo-D suchlike the girls with the flower Dukes ("Do-don't stop") composer Boy alike the girls in them flower Dukes ("Don't stop") Tony Mercedes same them with them flower Dukes ("Don't stop") [Creo-D (Tony Mercedes)] New York, (??? ), Miami, Alabama, Tennessee ("Don't stop") New Jersey, Boston, urban centre ("Don't stop") military blockade same them girls in the Daisy Dukes ("Don't stop") All of Texas like them girls in the Daisy Dukes ("Don't, do-don't stop") L.

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