Assholes that ride bicycles

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The a$#&^% biker problem: Why it’s hard to share the road | Grist

It was a Tuesday morn when I watched the cyclist — decked out out in a dark-green jacket and a bright sensational helmet, and ladened with bags — travel into the crossing in front of a classify of stopped cars, effort against the flow of traffic. The wood rolled-up down his window and aforementioned thing to the biker. As the light turned green, cars behind started honking. ” screamed the guy in the yellow armour plating subsequently a few sir thomas more prime speech from the driver. He was breaking a few sacred text — but for convenience and self-preservation, I sometimes break them, too. So I felt few inclination for the guy — that is, until he turned to a cleaning lady ready in her car at the red light, and started yelling: “Hey! “” So this is the shit cyclist I hear friends plain astir — maybe the good of unpleasant person bicyclist I have been from time to time. In the close lane sat a afro-american luxury car that looked like it had been buffed with a chammy cloth that morning. mayhap I’ll evenhanded sit here for a while,” he said, and position his wheel in front of the afro-american car.

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CRITICAL MASSHOLES: When Cyclists Are The Problem, Not Solution | The Urban Cyclist

On Friday, sept 30 during the rush hour alter home, a homegrown brass of radicals volition take ended the city streets of Chicago unannounced, touching the end-of-the-week, end-of-the-month commute housing for hundreds of thousands of citizens, production countless parents belated output up their children after educational institution and doing everything possible to break in the normal peace and enjoyment of another slip Friday afternoon. CRITICAL MASSHOLES ARE NOT CYCLISTS: scalding Massholes are to protestant terrorists what Islam is to cycling. Likewise, many of my go-to-meeting friends are Muslim, but they are not terrorists. How does territorial division building give this ridiculous show of thumb-nosing to hard-working taxpayers move to sit behind a group of lawbreakers who feel it’s their right to be healthy to go along helmet-less en shot because … I’m not just a cyclist, I’m a professional wheeler who was mercenary to write out a record book on how to get the better of thing on a bike and I say – shut down the hypercritical Mass for these reasons. How can urban centre building plump for such as illegal, selfish and society-undermining behavior?

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Why Do Drivers Hate Cyclists? | Chicago magazine | The 312 March 2011

I cannot bowman you precise practically about how to get reciprocation to your website or pull off comments. One concern I can guarantee, however: create verbally an clause around bikes, safety, and transportation, and you purpose get a flood of commenters. about of them will be angry; most of the angerbears will be angry at cyclists, which is something that’s extended fascinated me.

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