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Vaginal dilation: When it’s indicated and tips on teaching it | OBG Management

Vaginal dilators are ill-used to restore vaginal capacity, to enlarge the vagina in width and depth, to provide elasticity to the tissues, and to permit for comfortable sexual activity. The authors report no financial relationships to the point to this article. All are colleagues at the girdle & Sexual wellness Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Vaginismus Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment | SELF

We all look sex to look good and bring us pleasure. The truth of the matter, though, is that experiencing pain during sex is extremely communal for women. For some, the pain is actually so bad that they physically are not able to get sex.

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Photos vaginal penetration therapy
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How deep should the penis go during intercourse? | Women's Therapy Center

These are common concerns of women as they begin to experience penetrative sex (intercourse); these questions and worries are there because the vagina is an invisible channel and the class cannot observe what is ‘there’ nor what happens when the phallus slides in and thrusts.

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