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Marine Staff Sgt. James McCoy: Yes, I Sack-Tapped Subordinates / Queerty

James Mc Coy, who oversaw the upbringing of fresh-out-of-high-school recruits at a old dominion base, pleaded at fault to “mistreating 17 manlike subordinates by striking them in the groin, repeatedly making invasive physiological property comments and gestures, and inculpative them of being gay”; the plea deal got him off the come-on for 24 other charges, including sexual misconduct and assault. Mc Coy told the court he engaged in “sack-tapping,” which is exactly what you think it is. He faced 17 years in prison, but “a judge sentenced him to a year in confinement, reduction in flagrant and a bad behaviour discharge.” Mc Coy’s attorneys argued sack-tapping and gay jokes are common in the Marines, so what’s the big deal?

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