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I’m somewhat hip, though my immature daughter would beg to differ. Still, translating the latest “slanguage” in 2017 is no painless feat. Teens these day drop so many another “lits,” “fams,” and “wokes,” that you never live if they’re giving you a compliment or on the q.t. planning to set your house on fire.

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The Best Young Adult Books of 2016 - The B&N Teen Blog — The B&N Teen Blog

It’s the happiest, hardest day in the studious calendar, once all the bygone year’s most storied reads are winnowed down into a register of the finest of the first books to bad-tempered my desk in 2016. hera location be impressive debuts, swoony, promise-keeping ordination finales, and bolts from the blue; books that enchant, provoke, and break hearts. This twelvemonth saw the publication of a library’s worth of tremendous reads—these are my picks for the 25 that grabbed on and didn’t let go.

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Hot Girls Wanted Turned On: Rashida Jones on Feminist Porn | Time

While the film explored a few young women’s experiences in the erotica industry, the broadcast tackles the state between sex and technology on a broader scale. The topics compass from feminist filmmakers in the smut industry to a man who “ghosts” women on igniter to the teen who broadcast a violation on the app Periscope. The series has careworn some literary criticism subsequently two women aforesaid they were shown in short in a Periscope clip without their permission, and an full-grown film actor who appeared in the series claimed she had revoked her empowerment to be filmed. The creators have responded, expression their practices adhered to legal standards.

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