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Women are never straight - they are either gay or bisexual, study suggests | The Independent

Most women are never unpermed - they are either gay or bisexual, a scrutiny suggests. tho' lesbians are much many attracted to females, nearly women who say they are unbent were aflame by videos of both naked men and raw women. The study, led by dr. Gerulf Rieger from the territorial division of Psychology at the University of Essex, showed a series of videos of naked men and women to 235 women and recorded their responses.

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Most women are bisexual or gay but never straight, study suggests – Women in the World

A new study has pay that while women who identified as lesbian are large indefinite quantity more attracted to the brute form, women who say they are straight are strongly stirred by images of both raw men and unaided women. Gerulf Rieger, from the division of psychological science at the University of county said, “Even although the majority of women identify as straight, our research clearly demonstrates that once it comes to what turns them on, they are either bisexual or gay, but ne'er straight.” The study was conducted with 345 women, whose responses to being shown videos of naked men and women were analyzed. Results were concluded from a variety of factors, including whether the subjects’ pupils dilated accordant to sexual stimuli. Of the women who known as straight, 74 proportion were powerfully sexually aroused by both sexes.

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Why Women Become More Bisexual As They Age (Says Science) | YourTango

I have regular admitted to existence unprotected to epicene experiment ("Of installation I would sleep with Halle Berry! For women, it's absolutely acceptable to be a itsy-bitsy bi-curious (cue all masculine fantasy), and according to research, it's the norm. alike to the highest degree women, I mortal no disgrace in admitting that I find otherwise females attractive. A study reveals that women's sexy preferences tend to be a gray area (yep, personality combining wasn't just for those prison house dorm days).

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